I would hope that by 2077 we'd moved on from the glass slab onto something more functional and invisible.

In 1973 Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call on a device that was literally the size and weight of a housebrick. A voice-controlled computer could understand 1000 words

In 2020 you can do the exact same thing on a wristwatch and it understands everything.

The watch form actually helps alleviate many of the problems with smartphones and moves them back from consumption devices to communication ones so lets start there.

It is foreseeable that AI voice assistants (AIVA's) will also become even more commonplace, intelligent and locationally aware. You won't need a screen at all when future AIVA's will be able to plug into all services and act like a proper digital butler.

In our present, implantable technology is viewed with skepticism, especially as most people's devices remain strictly controlled by large corporations. How much of your phone is really yours?

In is likely that by the real 2077 phones will not exist and the AIVA coupled with a small wearable like a watch or 'Airpod' will be commonplace.

It is ironic that in a game world where everyone fights for the next technological implant, people still use consumption devices!

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